AluMMni Spotlight: Jason Ray

Please meet Jason Ray! Jason owns the record for the most stolen cars in MM and is a very friendly Alumni!

What’s your name?

Jason Ray

When were you in MM?

2002-2005 as a student

What made you join MM? 

My interest in modding cars had me initially interested, then the focus of track experience got me hooked.

What role did you have in the club?

Just a member (So modest!)

What were you best known for when you were in the club?

The guy with the red Si (EM1) that enjoyed the VTEC crack pipe.

What was your favorite memory as a student? As an alumnus? 

Photo shoots and parties with members/roommates as a student. Working as a corner flagger for events was also amazing. HPDE events with members at summit as an alumni since I couldn’t really afford to as a student.

What impact did the club have on you?

Long lasting friendships that have spanned multiple hobbies, not just cars/motorsports. MM also helped guide me into ‘proper’ modifications to my vehicles that really make a positive impact on how the vehicles drive/operate.

What did you drive as a student?

1999 Honda Civic Si in Milano Red

What are you driving now? 

2019 Volkswagen Golf R in Tornado Red

What are you up to nowadays? (Plug yourself!) 

I initially earned my motorcycle racing license, but discovered road cycling while trying to increase fitness for motorcycle racing. I began racing road bicycles and was a fairly successful road racer (made it to category 3 road based on wins and positions). Now I ride my road bike a lot, spend time with my family (wife, daughter, and dog), and still enjoy the car meets and watching racing. Cars, bikes, video games, and family. That’s pretty much my life.